Thursday, June 22, 2006

First Day

Today is my first day to write in any blog. Nothing special, as software engineer I usually come across different kinds of blogs everyday. But today I observed something unusual. Something that had just happened and inspire me to start writing blog.
When I joined my 1st company (actually still working with the same), we guys always finds nice chicks around us. Few of us came across one girl, who was looking wise kind of OK. The things goes on, few of us got the chance to be work with her. But what the luck, everybody rejected her on the ground that she has no brain. Beautiful but dumb. :( .
Days went on; meantime I even forgot her name. But then one day (today) I came across her blog. Voyla ! The same girl. But she wrote magnificently. She was kewl , really ! :) ...
This is it, we always tends to take First impression as the last one. It is okay in interviews or some places like that. But it doesn’t hold well in real life. Life is like this only.
People say I am not expressive. Yes, I never expressed myself. May be it is true. I always keep smiling. But it was not true always. Obviously I am not perfect; I do have 13 grey hairs :).
I feel that we need to understand /gain from small things. Today unknowingly I have understood something, that you need to give chances to others. And then other will follow.
Understanding is must , must for any relationship.