Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Do Atheist have morals?

Do Atheist Have Morals?
Atheist and Moral, are they contradictory? So why is this question ? This was the first question came to my mind when I had decided to be an Atheist. Religions, all over the world, tried to define morals for society. In fact, the morality comes very closer on the religious agenda. What is morality anyways? To me, its an ability to distinguish differences between right or wrong. However, how could you tell what is right or wrong?
Generally religious morality are based on following few common morals,
- Do not Kill
- Do not Stealing
- abstaining from intoxicants
- false speech
- sensual misconduct
Basically all it means is what is not yours and what you don't control is forbidden. Also the behavior which may hurt others should be abstained.
Any atheist person will agree of all of these factors. No atheist will kill or steal just because he or she is an atheist. 
The biggest difference is while theist think or taught that the immoral behavior attracts punishment of some kind and should follow morality on fear of punishment or reward, atheist think that its their own responsibility to behave morally but without any fear or reward.