Sunday, March 27, 2011

Getting Social

Recent developments in social networking sites are now a phenomenon. The pace of connecting people is so huge that it can be only called as mass rage. People of all age groups are attracted towards some form of networking. One may wonder how people used to interact with each other when the technologies like internet and mobile were not developed. The technology is helping us to move closer and making truly marking an era of single global village.
All at the same time a new form of commerce is developing within social networks. The advertising which was earlier limited to TV or radio commercials are expanded to the social media. Mails are scanned by autobots, chat windows are showing text based ads, searching information are promoting paid ads and many more. The revenue is not just generated for the companies who own social network sites, but also to those small businesses who want to reach to the larger audiences at lower price and more eyes of user. It is easy to search as well as order things on net than that of going out and finding one. Just take an example of courier service, once dubbed as potential failure after invention of e-mails are now booming because people have started purchasing on net and couriers are delivering the orders. The form of business has changed with creating a lot more of possibility of creation of new jobs.
Let us not forget the allegations towards these networking. Parents are complaining that the pupils are stick to computer, and doing lesser physical activities. Few studies have shown that kids with too much of time on net finds real world boring, whereas the virtual world the things happens faster. They start off and end relationship on the click of the mouse. On the other hand, few kids are sharp enough to start their own business and also not shy with complete strangers.
Shadowy identities have been created and a person pretends to be the one they are not. But with the gradual shift towards web2.0 sites are more about extending the real identity or names. So with real people develops real relationship. Isn’t it is great that people don’t get time to call others but at the same time everyone can be able to get updated about the others. Just update own site and follow the others. People now don’t forget the birthdays. 
The topic is relatively new and lot to be there to study about the socializing behaviour of people in new era. At the same time, it is doubtless that everyone enjoys socializing.
Happy Socializing!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Best Reservation for Women

The public transports for Mumbai are Local trains and Best buses. Democratic republic government of India has a policy of Reservation for all the public domain for deprived class. Women are considered to have disadvantages as dominated by men; the government has introduced reservations for women in local trains and best buses. This provides a general convenience to all women, who face problems while travelling at peak time. Mostly men have not at all any problem of having reservations for women. But certainly they are not so happy with the situation. The main arguments are
- Women should occupy the reserved seats first.
- In case if no reserved seats are available then go for general seats.
With these arguments, it is unacceptable for them that women can occupy on general seat if the reserved seats are vacant. Further, the situation worsens if the guys are standing and there are still vacant seats for women and few women are occupying seat in general.
On the other hand, gals don't give a damn what men's are thinking. They find seats easily and of course they don't mind.
I don't want to argue on either side of debate. But I feel people often miss the few points in this debate and associate too much with personal experience.

The fundamental law for reservation is:
The quota is limited for the people who are addressed, and the remaining positions are for all people.
If we look closely to the above statement, the second part is more interesting, "for all", that means all the people including the one who are qualified for the quota.
But few men feel that the system is discriminating and find women are taking undue advantage of the situation.
My points are:
- If someone wants to opt out for quota, then it is their fundamental right not to take advantage of quota system.
- In case, if someone see the general seat, then they should occupy it first, so that the other girls who will enter after the bus is full will get the reserved seat. So girls have higher social concerns oven guys.
Arguments on either side may not satisfy all people unless we have the equal resources with human population.