Thursday, June 09, 2011

Anti-Corruption tamasha and People

Since Anna Hazare declared that he's going to fast in peaceful way at Jantar Mantar, I have started following the movement. Corruption in India is a chronic problem, and must be tackled before it eats us all. Everyone will agree, but not everyone will agree on how the movement should follow the path. In general, any movements where people are agreed on the goal but not on the strategy have parallel but different routes of achievement. Freedom movement in India had Gandhi, Bose, Bhagat Singh singing different tunes but for same goal. For many people Hazare is unconditional leader, whereas for some Baba ramdeo is just taking limelight from the movement started by Anna. The baba is still very much immature in politics and has not deal with them on political issues before this agitation. On the other hand, Anna Hazare has long experience with Maharashtrian powerful leaders. The fast is not new to Anna. But even Anna has limitations. He can't be compared with Gandhi. The picture created in front of Indians is that all the politicians are crooked, corrupted and thugs. In that case, it’s all common people vs. political class.
With the start of this movement, people have put all political parties and in general all politicians bar. While we must consider that there is considerable truth in these allegations as none of the politician with corruption charges went in Jail. Corruption is rampant in India as we all know, but from where to start is the real question. There are anti-corruption bureau at almost all the districts in India. This department exists with CBI, CID etc. Along with ED, Income tax, Central Vigilance Commission, Lokayukta all exist. But they exist with very minimal powers. The willing to fight against corruption doesn’t reflect in these personal. After all, corruption is in Indian blood, so corruption exists in all the area which deals with public. Education, health, public works these are the oasis for corruption.

The movement is trying to create cure than prevention. Of course the cure is important as the disease is well blown. The remedy is not so easy or one day solution. Consider, if someone want that he will always stay lean. For this he’s to follow the path of complete and well balanced diet along with exercise. For a fat person, getting lean is a process and this process has to continue throughout the life of the person. Same is with this cure; this should not be seen as silver bullet.

Even the lokpal bill which is proposed with so many things will have all the powers. In the end the lokpal will have to investigate and give judgment, but this will not stop the accused to call the high court wherein his case will be pending for long. So in the lokayukta is nothing but the arbitrator between common people and accused. Hence this will not solve any problem as we thing it will. But this could be seen as 2nd step against corruption. Why I have said that this is 2nd step, because I consider Right of Information Act was the first step. I agree that this act need many corrections and protection to the people using act. But in general this act has created fear among babus. The accountability is now on rise.

So can we think on and try to find some common problems and possible remedy.

1)    The low level corruption at various public departments
2)    The corrupt people even if they caught are not punished for long time.
3)    Tendency of common public about escaping the law
4)    The awareness about the wastage of public money among all class of people
5)    Business grown with the help of corrupted people
6)    Justice delayed
7)    Delaying or doing nothing will also be considered under corruption
To be completed…