Sunday, August 21, 2011

Luck ?

What is Luck?

"Hey, today I won a ticket to Paris. I am the only lucky person among 200."
"I won lottery of 1 million $."
"Wish you best of luck for you future."

Looking at general point of view about luck, I still don't understand luck and its consequences.

What is luck? I say, I don't believe in luck but use it as a word in day-to-day interactions.

Luck is a false idea. It just give you a ray of hope in oddities. It's just a positive thinking. It has no spritual or scientific base.
No one believe in luck, yet they just want it to be on their side. Have you come across someone who actually said, I am lucky and I will win this lottery?
It is such a fragile idea that only after something happen you come to know about it.

Let's say, Person A has won a lottery for a trip to Thailand (or wherever), while on board plane has accident and Person A died in it.

Following would be the outcome of statements:
- Person A is lucky to have won lottery (after lottery results out)
- Person A is unlucky that he died in plane crash (after plane crash)

Let's alter the plane crash outcome to Person A lightly injured.
- Person A is lucky to have escaped death (after being hospitalized)

3rd outcome: Person A badly injured, all limbs gone
- Person A is lucky to have escaped death (after being hospitalized)
- Person A is unlucky because of limbs loss (after being hospitalized)

So the Person A luck is always happens after. You can't determine the fate of Person A before something happened.

Skill and Effort:
In the above example, Person A requires no skill or effort to win the lottery. Person A just needs to participate in that lottery, willingly or not.

CAT exam for entrance to MBA is an extremely difficult exam to crack. If there is only one seat and two people with same name, age, abilities, marks, background etc.. Are contending for it and one get than seat, the one is lucky and other is unlucky.

In first example, person A requires no skill or effort to win that lottery. It is possible that he may not even have opted for it. But in second case, the winner and loser both have put their equal efforts to win that seat. The unseen phenomenon if someone termed as luck by the virtue of day to day language is fine. But otherwise how good it to be judge for the looser who has put exactly the same amount of effort but still a looser. The explanation cannot come handy on some superstition things like Karma in last life, or the luck or something like this. If something is already written, then why to take an effort? Or taking effort is also written somewhere. The idea of being a play tool of someone who has taken good efforts to write about everything about everyone is scary. Mammoth effort, isn't it? To do such thing, only effort and skill are required. Nothing is automatically done.

Luck and Decision making
Decision making is a collective result of experience, skill, thinking, etc. Do you really put your luck in your decision making?

Luck is essentially a wishful thinking and nothing else. It is just denying the unpredictability of random events.